Components of “Happiness”

It is no secret that I am (still!) a big fan of Leonard Bernstein. He has been a great inspirational source for me in life, music and teaching on all levels.
His notes about “Components of Happiness” is written in 1989 but is still very useful for me in my attempt to navigate in life – not only in my musical life.
I wish the world and its leaders would make an effort to follow just some of these guidelines.

I wish you all a very happy day!


















The Love of Learning
The Power to Praise
The Capacity to Change
The Ability to Love (+to Teach)
The Gift of Enjoyment
(The Enjoyment of Gifts)
The Competence to Speak (+Hear)
[The Competence to] Sing, Dance (+Listen)
The Wonder of Understanding + Being Understood
The Love of Learning
The Joy of Gratitude

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